'This is a drama played with real vigour and subtlety by its young cast on the muddy detritus of Amy Jane Cook's impressive traverse design.'

- Lyn Gardner / The Guardian /

on Mudlarks

'Amy Jane Cook has surpassed herself with the design of this show....within very limited space she has created a hotel room, a pub, and a taxi. The attention to detail is amazing, making each space feel very real and allowing the audience to completely lose themselves in the world of the character in front of them.'

- Jacqui Onions / The Reviews Hub /

on Constellation Street

'This is the theatrical equivalent of an adventure playground.'

- Ian Shuttleworth / The FT /

on Where's My Seat?

'It would be impossible not to be blown away by the genius set design and the technicality of this production.'

- Karris Clarke / Get The Chance /

on The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

'The set design has real streak of genius transforming from the Hoff household to Mr. Boo’s club'

- Abbie Rippon / The Reviews Hub /

on The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

'Featuring one of the smartest uses of a stage I think I’ve ever seen, Little Voice conveyed a whole street worth of locations in and around two separate stages...The grand reveal garnered many an ooh and ahh from the audience.'

- JamesRAW / We Are Chester /

on The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

'Designer Amy Cook makes terrific use of the crumbling grandeur of the old Limehouse town hall'

- Lyn Gardner / The Guardian /

on Limehouse Nights

'The design team lead by Amy Jane Cook should take a bow. The set and effects, from shooting stars to atomic explosions, was a triumph, perfectly enhancing the narrative'

- Peggy Woodcock / The Leader /

on Insignificance

'Cook’s design embraces Hull Truck’s stage, exposing and incorporating the mechanics beneath as though to symbolise the gaping emptiness of the past that hangs over the characters.'

- Laura Turner / A Younger Theatre /

on 65 Miles